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Cheap PLPD Insurance in Michigan

You may wonder if it is possible to find cheap PLPD insurance in Michigan. The acronym PLPD stands for Public Liability and Property Damage, what many states today refer to as strictly Liability Insurance. When Michigan changed to a no-fault insurance requirement in the early 1970s and the insurance requirements changed, this type of insurance coverage became some what obsolete. However, many people still refer to the old PLPD insurance because they are used to it even though it is usually called BI (Bodily Injury) and PD (Property Damage) today. Those who still use the term usually mean they have met the minimum requirements of the state for Liability coverage.

It is fairly easy to find cheap PLPD insurance in Michigan since this is the cheapest type of insurance to have. However, it is also the riskiest since it does not cover the personal vehicle or the insured but only any damage to other vehicles or persons because of the negligence of the insured driver. What this means is if you are responsible for an accident in which you hit another car, your insurance will cover repairs to that car but will not pay for damages to the car you were driving. For those drivers who are very careful and are less likely to cause an accident, PLPD insurance can be sufficient for their needs. After all, if someone else damages their vehicle, the PLPD insurance of that driver will pay for their repairs.

The easiest way to find cheap Michigan PLPD insurance is through the Internet.  This will allow you to view several different auto insurance quotes at the same time though the final quote may differ based on your driving record, age and other factors. If you have a preference for a local agent, you can also research locally, but you may pay a higher premium than you could obtain by choosing an insurance carrier from the substantial number of insurance carriers that offer quotes online for cheap PLPD insurance in Michigan.

**Disclaimer: The example $37/month rate above is based on the driver meeting certain criteria which includes but is not limited to: coverage limits, deductibles, driving history, education, occupation, type of vehicle, location, and loyalty. Individual rates may vary. Not every driver will be able to qualify for the rate mentioned above. If you would like to receive personalized auto insurance quotes, feel free to complete our quote form.

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